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How can you write about how humans are evolving or giving birth to our successors without writing about sex? Yet, I nearly did just that, this being another very late addition to the collection.

Who wouldn't want to experience sex as a member of the opposite sex? Or perhaps as someone in between? Or perhaps as another creature? Or an entirely new type of entity(ies)?

I do remember the Ursula LeGuin novel Left Hand of Darkness, which dealt with a more flexible sexuality, the ability to be either male or female.

The cover for Begat is an image by photographer Cedric Blanchon (used by kind permission) and I'm quite taken by his images, and I was surprised to find he had the same sort of preoccupations as I have.

One in particular,called Blowjob 2.0 struck a chord in me and reminded me of the movie Brainstorm starring Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken, and the Michael Crichton novel Terminal Man, both of which cover similar territory.

I was also influenced by a video interview of Ray Kurzweil on Youtube where he talked about being able to experience gender differences in virtual environments in the future. It seems that sex will be radically changed/expanded in the future, or perhaps eliminated entirely, but either way I wanted to talk about this.

And instead of an artificial intelligence(s) needing to eliminate humanity perhaps it would simply pacify us, which reminded me of the Cat Stevens song Peace Train, which I read once was about orgasms (must be true if I read it on the net).

So I put all these ideas in a pot, stirred well, put them in an oven until they were half baked and out popped this delicious concoction called Mindjob.


Mindjobs on demand
Cum on my command
First as a woman
Then as a man

(The Advertisement - Coming To A Brain In You)

Hook up with the HookUp
Have anyone (everyone) you want
Hook up with the HookUp
Pleasure from the font

You're riding on the Peace Train
And it never stops
You're riding on the Peace Train
Pulling out the stops

Wired for desire
Sex is in the brain
Wired for desire
Moaning the refrain


from BEGAT, released September 25, 2016
Wikiloops 64513 WoXey Industrial Drums
Basses - Paul Healey
Guitar - Mark Hill



all rights reserved


SIRR Rothesay, New Brunswick

Please take and share the music. SIRR is a musical project led by Mark O'Connor (marocon@rogers.com) along with collaborators like guitarist Mark Hill, Paul Healey. drummer Steve Hill and many other collaborators from Wikiloops. SIRR makes catchy pop/rock music with electronic or rap elements. ... more

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