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Monkey Man 03:10
I'm a little Monkey Man Living in a jungle land A monkey man I'm a little Monkey man I like to do what I want to Do-do-do do do I'm a furry Monkey man Funny looking Simian Yes I am I'm a part of Monkey clan A strange looking nit picking kind of Si-mi-an Top banana Monkey tree I'm the top banana Of my monkey Ooh ooh Aah aah Fa-mi-ly Top banana Monkey tree I'm the top banana Of my monkey Fa-mi-ly (Chorus) I'm just a little monkey man Trying to do very best I can I like to think that I have a plan But I am... Just a little monkey man Monkey business Monkey brass Monkey wrench And monkey mask And monkey mask (repeat) Monkey fingers Monkey toes Monkey high And monkey low On totem pole (repeat) Monkey see and Monkey do Monkey games in Monkey suits In monkey suits (repeat) (Chorus) I'm just a little monkey man Trying to do very best I can I like to think that I have a plan But I am... Just a little monkey man Monkey swings and Monkey bars Monkey on your back And a monkey czar A monkey czar (repeat) Monkey bread and Monkey butter Monkey rain And monkey mothers (repeat) Top banana That's on the monkey tree Oh Yeah
Looking For The Worst I'm looking, I'm looking, I'm looking For the worst I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting For the hearse I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking That I'm cursed I'm looking, I'm looking, I'm looking For the worst I tell my friends just for kicks They roll their eyes and tell me that I'm sick But in the end we're all just turning tricks You'd think I'd learn but I've got a head full of bricks I'm losing, I'm losing, I'm losing I'm losing my mind I'm running, I'm running, I'm running Out of time I'm trying, I'm tyring , I'm trying To be kind There's no doubt at all that I'm losing, I'm losing, I'm losing My freaking mind Come all you crazy lunatics It's all some sort of lottery pick Can you hear the tocks and the ticks Sometime you've got to take your licks I'm racing, I'm racing, I'm racing To be first I'm slaving, I'm slaving, I'm slaving For the purse I'm calling, I'm calling, I'm calling For the nurse I'm living, I'm living, I'm living With a thirst So this is what I wanted to say Do what you want but do it do it today Treat 'em like gold and it'll be okay Cause you know not the hour or the day Oh what have I done here to deserve this I'd trade it all in for just one just one kiss All of these wounds were very poorly stitched Even God up above doesn't care for a snitch Living, I'm living., I'm living With a thirst (Dessert dry) Living, I'm living, I'm living With a thirst (Like I'm parched) Come on Do your thang Live it up Then live it down
Suburban Blues by SIRR! Walking my dawg Pooper scooper In case of a log Neighbour snooper Off to the gym Super shaper Checking out Barbie Cue steak for dinner Laptop belly Carpool tunnel Endless tele- Visionaries Corporate cubicle Think inside the box Ratrace musical Chairmens are defrocked Commuter sentence Road rage hummers Boredom tumours Sex by numbers Lapdog dancer Boss for dinner Email rebel Porno sinner Pavlog’s dog Alarm clock rings Roll out of bed Doggie fetches things Diversified portfoolio Two car garage No clue family Ain’t no mirage Suburban blues Subway reds Get rich mind melt Screws with your head They came in i-pods Body snatchers Vacant zombies What the facts is Homework headaches Missing manners Quality time outs In the day planner Thought police Robbing us blonde Virulent religion Still King Kong Soccer moms Mini vans Shopping trips Weekend tans Dad’s on the road Finds the bacon Mom’s in the chat room For the taking White picked fenced Bedside manners Flagrant violation Divorce drama High by definition Electrical teet Brain on pause Lulled to sleep Chorus Gimme gimme gimme Brunette Gimme gimme gimme Corvette Gimme gimme gimme Lear Jet Gimme gimme gimme Never get Kids at the mall Moving the dope Ditch party girls On the slippery slope Zoloft and Dilaudid Make a pretty pair Friends with benefits Thousand yard stare Neighbours in hoods Lights are always on Once the grow op Shades are always drawn Mr. Pedophile Two streets overs No kids out playing Tag or red rover Thin veneer Of chicken soup Can’t cure this cold Can’t hide this truth Taking it to A whole new level Watching Dr. Phil Cure the devil
Slide On 03:54
Tiny Girl 00:34
The Grind 04:41
Type A 04:00
Hot summer night Windy country road Strange blue lights Out of control A cold heartless grey Who was a real type A Signals started crossing Sounded like a code Pulled into the air Toward their abode Probed my mind Probed my mind Probed my mind A cold heartless grey Who was a real type A Taller than the others Called all the shots Lipless motherfucker In his web I was caught Stretched out on his table he Probed my mind He probed my mind He poked and he prodded and he fondled and he probed my mind Jesus, I can't move My head is swimming Ah, where am I? Don't don't don't Please please ahhh Oh no you don't Gonna fight back Gonna fight back Whatever I take gonna give ya double back Okay Mr. Grey and Mighty Let's see if you can swim Gonna take you to the deep end Wanna see what lurks in the deep recess of my mind Well now, it ain't an episode of Happy Days now is it? What? What's that? Is that revulsion? Is that fear? Things getting a little too hairy for you? Well, I'm only getting started Now you're an out of control freak Are we having fun now Oh, no I'm not letting you out You wanted in Take a good look around Time to phone home, ET What? No answer? Everyone busy making crop circles? I'm sorry, Grey. I'm afraid I can't do that Fuck you Fuck fuck you Fuck you Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you You think you're so superior Huh You should think about hittin' the gym, Slim Work on those biceps And unclenching those butt cheeks of yours They look like they're superglued together Probed my mind Yeah I showed him a good time He poked and he prodded and he fondled and he probed my mind He won't be doing that anymore Come again soon. Motherfucker


Songs of suburbia and the futuristic prize at the end of the rainbow.


released September 17, 2013


all rights reserved



SIRR Rothesay, New Brunswick

Please take and share the music. SIRR is a musical project involving Mark O'Connor and wonderful musicians from around the world via Wikiloops. All Wikiloops tracks used with permission. All rights retained by said musicians.

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