Shoot The Buffalo

from by SIRR

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The Hollywood type version of the rise of artificial intelligence and robots tends to portray a struggle or a war, and I've put plenty of those types of songs on the record because it allows for a lot of dramatic licence. But what's actually happening is highly unlikely to look like a war.

And for perspective I wanted to connect this to the American west as surely the scientific frontiers are even wilder and woolier than our mythological taming of the west was. It's often depicted as endless battles with savage and ever dangerous natives, but there never was some grand war per se. Perhaps Custer's last stand was as grand a military adventure as there was, though I'll leave whether it was or wasn't to the historians.

The real point as i see it isn't that the natives were conquered but rather starved to death. We wiped out the buffalo in our zealous pursuit of profit and that brought the natives to their knees as the buffalo were central to their economy.

Similarly, there'd be all sorts of ways to sideline human beings should an AI decide that was needed. No last grand, glorious epic war for human beings, but rather something far less glamorous fate awaits us. Like the Neanderthals. "Our heads were in the Cloud so they flipped our switch" And the switch need not be to "off". There might be other settings.

Finally, the Borg. Introduced in Star Trek the Next Generation, the entire premise was that human beings would be repelled by a "collective" like the Borg. Ahhh, but as the future unfolds there is ample evidence not that resistance is futile, but rather there is no resistance. Rather a rush to become the Borg - people can't wait to be connected to each other. See, there won't be anyone asking to be free of the collective mind, just a waiting list of those poor isolated human beings waiting to join.


Custer could not defeat the Sioux and Arapaho
What we did was shoot all the buffalo
Shoot shoot shoot all the buffalo

Ohhhohhohohhh our time is done
Like neanderthals
And the setting sun

Our heads were in the Cloud
So they flipped our switch
And killed our itch
Sent us on our way

Missiles could fly and satellites fall
Computers crash with no way to call
But all
That they did
Was messed
With our head

Ohhhohhoh our time is done
Like neanderthals
And the setting sun

No finger is needed to push a button
No hand required to turn the key
No finger is needed to push a button
Nobody asking
To be free


from BEGAT, released September 25, 2016
Drum Loop - MrAdamOnDrums Wikiloops Jam No 3080 Creative Commons Licence
Bass - Paul Healey
Guitar - Mark Hill



all rights reserved


SIRR Rothesay, New Brunswick

Please take and share the music. SIRR is a musical project led by Mark O'Connor ( along with collaborators like guitarist Mark Hill, Paul Healey. drummer Steve Hill and many other collaborators from Wikiloops. SIRR makes catchy pop/rock music with electronic or rap elements. ... more

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