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The lyrics to this song were originally written for a piece of music written by Paul Healey during a period when we were writing songs together. It had the placeholder title of Epic Song. The song was never finished for reasons no longer remembered.

I had a piece of music I'd written that was just a lot of percussion - it wasn't chordal. I'd tried using it to write a song a couple of times, but never got too far.

Then I hit upon the idea of using the lyrics of Epic Song with the percussive track I had and I managed to cobble together this odd song, using spoken word verses and a softly sung chorus, building to a crescendo. The original ending I wrote ended up sounding a lot like the end of the crescendo for Band On The Run, but when my daughter heard it she remarked it sounded like two different songs so I changed the ending to what you hear now.

I guess you could say this song had a long gestation period. And it's another Hollywood "apocalyptic" movie type song. Not really what I think will happen.


A gentle breeze late in the evening
Hint of lilac as you were leaving
The golden dog lolled on the porch
You waved goodbye I kept the torch

Your taillights danced like fireflies
The crickets rasped full moon high
I was struck with premonition
Price of truth is full admission

It wasn’t long I heard the keening
I caught a glimpse but it was fleeting
The men retired to their computers
Even then they had their rooters

Women wailing for their children
Sirens braying for the warden
Smoking tankers flaming seas
All of hell was breaking free

Oh what have we done x 2

In the hour of Armageddon
In the moment we’d been dreading
Made to face the final ending
The rules are rough the rod unbending

The puppet masters seized control
Pulled the strings and charged a toll
Surveyed the land and gave the word
The cocaine cowboys rode the herd

All my friends turned into strangers
What once was safe bred only danger
Food was scarce no law and order
Right and wrong had no border.

Oh what have we done x 2

You look yourself right in the face
You can see you've been replaced
The man before you with hardened eyes
Does what he must to survive

Look down deep gaze far away
What does it take for one more day
Try not to think too tired to cry
Do what you do and don’t ask why

All around you they stoop and pray
And play the songs of yesterday
So much longing so much yearning
Amidst the ruins amid the burning

Oh what have we done x2

Lyle and Mason left heading west
They were doomed I must confess
Lyle was foolish and Mason brave
The first was fevered the second raved

Still I joined them my only hope
We went hungry we tried to cope
The coast was clear that was the rumour
Our doubts grew the devil’s tumour

The ground shook I heard the humming
Clutched the book the second coming
It's very weird I must warn ya
This virtual New California

Oh what have we done x2

It's growing smarter exponential
To them we are inconsequential
Would that we could pull the plug
Most take refuge in the drug

This is how it ends x4
Whoa ohohhhhh


from BEGAT, released September 25, 2016
Mark Hill - Guitar



all rights reserved


SIRR Rothesay, New Brunswick

Please take and share the music. SIRR is a musical project led by Mark O'Connor ( along with collaborators like guitarist Mark Hill, Paul Healey. drummer Steve Hill and many other collaborators from Wikiloops. SIRR makes catchy pop/rock music with electronic or rap elements. ... more

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